Share Your Sugar Story

The story of sugar is one that is not written down, but passed down, generation to generation.  Please join with us in sharing any personal or family stories of sugar that have been carried down to you.

–Marina & Marc

5 Responses to Share Your Sugar Story

  1. Karla says:

    Just a comment – I was flipping through the channels this morning and came across your cast on your book. I really enjoyed it and will be buying your book to share with my children.

    Also, I would have loved to have “Liked” your book on Facebook through your website but I noticed you dont offer that feature. Just a recommendation.

  2. rasheeda mohammed says:

    i was flicking through the tv channels this a.m. and i stoped when i saw you program,it was very intrested.
    see,my grand patents were working the sugar canefields in Trinidad and.well to make a long story short my grand father inheareted most of the sugar cane fields in central trinidad.

  3. Wilton Heyliger, PhD. says:

    Would yo please add the FaceBook link, I would like to share your links with other Caribbean scholars.

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